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As one of the nation’s largest firearm distributors, Davidson’s maintains a huge inventory of quality firearms from the world’s top manufacturers. Davidson’s success depends on its customers, firearms dealers like you. We work tirelessly to help our dealers face the many challenges of today’s firearms market. In order to benefit our dealers, we offer years of experience, a rock-solid reputation, and operate within the “Davidson’s Difference” philosophy. Simply stated, the Davidson’s Difference is our commitment to operate our business for the convenience of our customers, not ourselves. Davidson’s gives you the best of both the old and the new, with a firearms focus beginning in the 50’s we have relationships that span decades, but we keep things fresh through innovation. We use our connections and our innovative tools to bring customers to YOU!
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GalleryOfGuns.comxxx X is the cornerstone of our “bringing customers to you” marketing strategy. is one of the firearm industry’s most successful consumer websites, and is designed specifically to help our dealers sell Davidson’s products to the site’s massive consumer following. Once a qualifying Davidson’s Gold Dealer becomes a retailer they have access to the site’s heavy traffic flow which means more sales and more customers for YOU. brings to the consumers the best of the new and the old by building a bridge between their home and your store!

As a retailer you can:
  • Create Your Own Online Store – which allows you full access to sell from our enormous inventory by personalizing your own pricing structure. Your store will be listed on the Gun Genie and Retailer Search section of enabling your customers to view your pricing along with full color pictures of the firearms and their specifications.
  • Increase Your Inventory Turnover – you can take a deposit for the items you sell and order from us without actually incurring interest expenses by stocking all the items that we carry.
  • Link to Your Own Website - If you have your own web site, you will be able to bring customers from our site to yours by linking from your Davidson's Online Store.
Gun Genie
One of the driving forces of is Gun Genie, a powerful search tool that allows customers to find and buy from you!

As a qualifying Gold Dealer, your store information and prices are displayed to customers searching firearms in your area. Once the consumer selects your store to purchase from, we take their online deposit, and you get a new customer!

We are committed to your success.

Davidson's GuaranteeD® X
Our warranty allows you a leg-up on the competition by protecting your customers; the GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty allows you to compete on more than just price.

If anything ever goes wrong with any gun you sell with the Davidson's GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty, it will be replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you.

Simply have your customer return it to you and pay for their return shipping. Upon receipt, Davidson's will ship you a BRAND NEW GUN.

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Sales Wizard® X
Sales Wizard is your online marketing command center. With Sales Wizard, you can create your own standalone store to feature on your website, or for our qualifying Gold Dealers, one to be featured on

You can set your store profile and customize your store options to match your needs. Sales Wizard gives you the ability to set the basic pricing for all manufacturers, all categories, and all your items including taxes and fees. You can even set the pricing for specific items by selecting the item number.

Most importantly Sales Wizard allows you customers 24/7 access to your prices and availability.

Gold Dealer
Gold Dealer X
Becoming a member of Davidson’s Gold Dealer Program allows you access to a unique set of tools and services that are designed to help you grow your business. As a Davidson’s Gold Dealer, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Priority allocation of high demand, limited supply guns
  • Gold Dealer only specials
  • Customizable E-Flyers (available upon request)
  • Quarterly Purchase Recap (available upon request)
  • A FREE online store
  • Retailer Near You Listing (some restrictions apply)
  • Gun Genie Results Listing (some restriction apply)
Qualifying is EASY:
To become a Gold Dealer simply purchase ten (10) non-allocated guns on one (1) order or purchase $10,000 of merchandise (excluding Gun Genie Sales) from Davidson’s in a twelve (12) month period.

Then to continue your Gold Dealer membership and enjoy all its benefits, simply purchase $10,000 (excluding Gun Genie Sales) during the 12 months prior to November 30th of each year.

Please contact your Davidson’s Account Executive for additional information or questions.

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Call Me Quick X
With our Call Me Quick feature, there is no waiting around to get answers. By clicking on the icon, you can tell us exactly what you need our help with and your personal Account Executive will call you! You can use the time you save to generate profits and cater to your customers!